Competence standards in the professional education and continuing education in the sector old care
project number: DE/09/LLP-LdV/TO/147242
project type: innovation transfer
term: 09/2009 – 09/2011
  1. the description
    1. of general competence of social services and
    2. of special competence of the old care
      in a glossary / compendium in the national languages of the project partners
  2. the identification of relevant working processes and learning processes in the sector old care (curricula analyses, change of the statement systems in the curricula in description pattern in terms of learning outcomes including formal and informally acquired learning structures),
  3. the development and project-internal evaluation of competence standards for the professional education and continuing education in the sector old care according to the instruments available in the PLL (NQF, EQF, ECTS, ECVET),
  4. attempts / strategies to the description of learning unities in a future European educational space for nursing occupations
  5. Vote of landmarks of an external quality assurance for the purposes of an accreditation from European From and continuing education / took a short-cut in the old care.
  6. aid to the inquiry and documentation from formally, non-formal and informally to acquired competence in the old care
  7. Valorisation of the project results in the partner countries in particular by communication of the project aims / results with for the education and continuing education in this sector to responsible facilities already in the approach of the project application.